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Subject Locality Name Document Summary Date of Revision Web Link
Solar Energy Pittsylvania County small, large, utility-scale definitions; siting by SUP Aug 2017 View online
Solar Energy Montgomery County definitions for three sizes: accessory, minor, and major Jul 2017 View online
Solar Energy City of Chesapeake analysis report regarding solar policy Jul 2017 View online
Solar Energy Gloucester County By Right: [C-1, C-2, RC-1, RC-2, SC-1, SF-1, MF-1, B-1, B-2, B-4, I-1, MH-1, PUD-1] May 2017 View online
Solar Energy King William County [CUP in some A, B, and M] Apr 2017 View online
Solar Energy Culpeper County [CUP in A-1] Mar 2017 View online
Solar Energy King George County KGC Solar Ordinance Documents Mar 2017 View online
Solar Energy King and Queen County [CUP in A and I zones only] Jan 2017 View online
Solar Energy Town of Berryville limited language [access and preservation of natural features] Jul 2010 View online
Solar Energy Powhatan County [CUP in some A; Accessory in most A, R, C, I, M, and O] View online