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2018 APA Virginia Annual Conference
Jul 22nd, 2018
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37th Certified BZA Program
Sep 10th, 2018
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95th Certified Planning Commissioner Program
Sep 24th, 2018
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You're not entitled to your own facts

While I certainly appreciate that the reality of many community planning situations can be messy and confusing, making good planning decisions generally starts with facts. Want to know if you should set aside money to build a school? You’ll need some facts to go on. Want to know if your public safety response times are up to snuff? You’ll need some facts to go on.

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CPC90 Graduates

This past Tuesday 32 local officials and planning staff completed the final component of the Certified Planning Commissioners' Program. This was the 90th offering of the 10-week long training program. The CPC program is designed to prepare local planning officials for their duties as administrators of the community planning process. The course is led by Dr. Mike Chandler.and Dr. Jonah Fogel of Virginia Tech/ Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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Fiscal Impacts to Localities: Conservation Easements


By Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission Staff

While conservation easements, and conservation land holding by tax exempt entities and political subdivisions, support the protection of water quality, traditional land uses (ie. agriculture and forestry), and the preservation of rural character, there are unanticipated fiscal impacts to localities.