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81st CPC Graduates Richmond, VA -  Twenty-five (25) area staff and officials received certificates today, as graduates from the 81st Virginia Certified Planning Commissioner’s Program... READMORE...
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The  Virginia Certified Planning Commissioners’ Program has received both state and national recognition and awards, is designed to provide the legal and technical background needed by citizen-planners and decision makers. The course is the most thorough and comprehensive available. It thoroughly covers the law and principles that guide the practices of planning so the student will learn and understand both "why" and "how"to properly handle the various matters that come before a planning commission. The techniques of making legally defensible planning and zoning decisions are literally built into the core of the course. Indeed, a growing number of planning commissions are insisting their members learn these techniques by requiring them to successfully complete this Program within a reasonable period following their appointment or even as a prerequisite to their appointment. read more... 

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Sharon Pandak

Greehan, Taves, Pandak, & Stoner

Michael Chandler

Land Use Education Program

Andrew McRoberts 


Jonah Fogel

Land Use Education Program



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Milton Herd

Herd Planning

Bill Cashman

URS Corporation

Jim Cornwell 

Sands Anderson

Ann Neil Cosby

Sands Anderson

"I had attended my very first Planning Commission meeting this week. I am so grateful for having completed your training session...without it, I would have been totally overwhelmed."

"As someone who has been the trainer much of my professional career, I know that trainers can sometimes wonder if the training is really effective for the “real world”.  Let me assure you that your training program is very good for preparing us for the actual process."